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Paula from 6KT recieved this letter from her penpal in Paris yesterday; look at the amazing handwriting!

Je m'appelle Maia et je m'appelle Minnie. We go to Elm Green and used to do French with Mademoiselle. Just back visiting today. French is EASY for us at secondary school because we had a head start at Rosendale…
Au revoir..
Maia et Minnie

Today we learnt different ways to travel in French. For example en velo means by bike and a pied means walking.
On linguascope, we will play the games on 'Les Moyens de Transport' to practise the new words.
Frederic says 'FANTASTIQUE!'
By Emma and Joely, 4VR

Pendant les vacances je suis allee a Disney Land avec mon Papa.
Je suis allee sur des maneges et j'ai visite le chateau des Princesses.
C'etait fantastique!

Year six have been learning hobbies and items that go in a pencil case.  Here are some examples:
Ma trousse-My pencil case
Un dictionnaire-A dictionary
Une gomme-A rubber
Un sac-A bag
Une calculatrice-A calculator
Un taille-crayon-Apencil sharpener
Un bâton de colle-A gluestick
Un règle-A ruler
Un stylo-A pen
Un crayon-A pencil
Des ciseaux-A pair of scissors
Mes passe-temps
Aller a la pêche-Going fishing
Jouer a l'ordinateur-Playing on the computer
Faire les magasins-Doing the shops!(Shopping)
Faire du vélo-Doing the bike(Cycling)
Aller au cinéma-Going to the cinema
Lire des bandes dessinees-Reading comics
Écouter de la musique-Listening to music
Regarder la télé-Watching telly
Hopefully this will help you if you happen to visit France!!!

Bonjour tout le monde,
Please could you all go onto this weekend and practise the games….? Why not challenge your parents and siblings to beat you? Top score at snap this week is 36. Can you beat it?
Let me know…
Mademoiselle P