French at Rosendale

Monthly Archives: March 2012

This singing is not in French but Czech!
It is a song about rain.
Do you recognise the singer?
Clue: 2AN


Merci a Philippe et sa jolie fille pour le pret de ces beaux livres francais. 3AS va en profiter!

Do you know this other lovely French singer?
Clue; she is in 2AN.

Do you recognise this lovely French singer?
Clue; She is in1JO


12.30-7.30pm this Saturday at Trafalgar Square.


Here is one of the lovely letters 6KT are sending to their penpals this week, Well done Dylan!

Well done to Cameron (38), Jem (36), Rachel L and Tommy (35) for their amazing scores at Choix Multiple in the Ma Chambre section of Can you beat them?

Here are RIH saying the days of the week in French; Fantastique!

lundi, mardi, mercredi, jeudi, vendredi, samedi, dimanche

(In French, we do not use capital letters for the days of the week!)