Last Thursday, most of year 5 went to Boulogne-sur-mer, France! We went via the euro tunnel (which was very exciting!). The train takes about 35 minutes (which is quite fast!).
When we got into France we to took another 20 minute coach drive in till we got the restraunt ‘the pain show’. I had the vegetarian option (which was a omelette and it was great!). We then went shopping (my favourite event if the trip!). I bought a yellow beret (not my colour), a golden-plated Eiffel tower for my mums work desk (to remind her of France), and a (all gone now) loaf of bread.
We then went to the beach. We walk around and buried people (don’t tell mamazel)!). We then went to the boulangerie where we learnt to make croissants and baguettes!