French at Rosendale

Monthly Archives: May 2014

We had an amazing day last Friday in Year 5.
We travelled by Eurostar, did some souvenir shopping at St. Michel, walked to the Louvre over the Pont des Arts, where we had a picnic with our penpals from Notre Dame in Bonneuil-sur Marne, walked back to Pont Neuf and jumped on a Bateau Mouche for an hour’s cruise in the beautiful sunshine. Well done to all the children who were great ambassadors for Rosendale and made Mademoiselle Paridjanian very proud!
Quelle journee fantastique!

Un petit pouce qui danse; fantastique!

RMH can sing Tete, Epaules, Genoux Pieds beautifully in French. Do you know the English name of this song?