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We are going to have pen pals near Paris! We are excited!


This week in French, we have been learning about parts of are face, we have learnt a lot. We played action games to help us remember, which planted the words in our memory.
By Jim, 4EC


This week we have been learning about things that we do on the weekend in French we also be learning how to say them and if we get.
Done before the time run’s out that she teaching us the we get to play the action game where 2 people Come to the front and someone.
Get’s picked and to say a thing that we do on the weekend and the people at the front does the action.


C’est fantastique!




Bienvenue en classe tout le monde. J’espère que vous avez tous passé de très bonnes vacances.
Aujourd’hui on a goûté ce fromage français. On avait quatre choix ;
1. J’adore
2. J’aime
3. Je n’aime pas
4. Je déteste.
Qu’en penses-tu?