French at Rosendale

Monthly Archives: June 2017

Bon travail. Diglot went to the park and on the slide. In French a slide is called a TOBOGGAN

We were very proud yesterday to receive our ISA from the British Council, celebrating all the work we do at Rosendale showing ‘outstanding development of the international dimension in the curriculum’.

Thank you to John Rolfe from the British Council for coming to present our award. Look out for the plaque outside the office!

Tres bon travail. Babar est allé sur le château gonflable et il a regardé un match de foot.

And of course les croissants…

Je voudrais un croissant s’il vous plait…

Japanese lessons for reception. Arigato to Anandi’s dad 

French ballet for Year 1. Merci Dawn..

Lots of activities today…

Art workshops with Ms Scullard based on Monet’s water lilies Les Nenuphars 

Smelly cheese tasting for year 2: le Camembert, c’est bon. Merci Sylvia

French PE with Mr Weston. Merci beaucoup

Spanish lessons for Year 4. Merci a Mrs Young from Elm Green 

A big thank you to Kai, Oscar and Rosa from the Charter School for teaching 6TR a very interesting Spanish lesson today.

Bon travail les enfants…