French at Rosendale

Monthly Archives: September 2017

This week the children have done some wonderful work at home.

Domino met a cat

Lapin went to the woods and drank some lemonade (limonade)

Monsieur Bleu drew some beautiful pictures; la Tour Eiffel et le drapeau français. Se learnt the three colours.. Bleu, blanc, rouge.

Domino had breakfast and went to the park and the market.He  taught us there are more than 400 types of cheese produced in France.

Diglot taught us that French post boxes are not red but YELLOW

Babar  fed a cat called Ronnie!

Quelle belle écriture française!

Lapin a appris qu’on peut voyager en France en train, en bateau ou en avion!

During French forest school today 4ST spotted a dragonfly (libellule), a spider (araignée), ants (fourmis) and woodlice (cloportes)

We learned that there are 340 different types of cheese made in France. Nearly enough for a different cheese every day of the year. Domino went to Richmond Park and saw ‘des cerfs’ (deer) and Babar made some sculpture using Fimo clay. Quel artiste!

Domino a mangé le petit déjeuner au café. Miam miam, bon appétit.

Lapin est allé à la piscine. Quelle belle écriture française. Bon travail!

Beautiful French writing and numbers. 1= un, 5=cinq, 8=huit 

Bon travail!