French at Rosendale

Monthly Archives: December 2018

Bon travail et bonnes vacances…

Merci beaucoup à nos amis à St Jean de Védas.

Cette semaine, les jouets ont eu de belles aventures…

Domino met Judith Kerr! The others decorated Christmas trees, fed fish, drove cars, met horses and went to the seaside! What a week!

I am extremely proud of the work 4ST have produced for their pen pals in France. We are sending them Christmas cards we have made and written in French. Bon travail les enfants! Let’s hope our friends receive them before they finish for the holidays.

One pupil found this in a car boot sale. What a beautiful old piece of history.

Merci beaucoup!

This week the toys decorated a Christmas tree, played tennis, went to Arabic school and travelled through a model version of Paris. Très bien!