French at Rosendale

Monthly Archives: October 2019

We learned so many facts this week!

The oldest woman in the world was French. She was 122 years old!

Last year, 719,737 babies were born in France!

Every year in France there are 11 public holidays, including 3 in May!

The toys went to the dentist, Airthrill, the park, the swimming pool. One even went on holiday to Portugal!

Excellent travail, les enfants.

Lapin a essayé de conduire un camion de pompiers!

On a appris qu’en France on fête la Fête de la Musique le 21 juin et qu’il y a une ligne d’arbres plantée du nord au sud de la France qui est visible de l’Espace!!!

Bon travail encore les enfants.

4TM channelled their inner Matisse for our French art session with some very effective and eye-catching results… bon travail les enfants…

Amazing work this week.


Today year 4 have played a very exciting French game. Bravo!