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Monthly Archives: March 2020

Bonjour la classe!

Le soleil brille.

Please try to learn the Easter words from linguascope. Have fun challenging your family to beat your score.

Hopefully my video will help you find the activities.

À bientôt!

Bonjour les enfants.

Aujourd’hui ma tortue, Mo, va prendre un bain.

Listen out for the words

CHAUD (hot) and FROID (cold)

Keep practising your French on linguascope.

Next week I’ll teach you some Easter words..

Bon week-end!

Bonjour les enfants.

Le printemps arrive!

Today, please have a play on the Beginner section of

Children know the username and password. We cannot publish them online.

À demain!

Hope you are all staying busy at home, doing some exercise. I’m going to try the Body Coach family workout this morning…

I hope you enjoy this story about our favourite shapeshifter Barbapapa.

I’ll post something else for you tomorrow.

Don’t forget to practise your French on linguascope too.. you know the username and password!

Love Madame Paridjanian x

Bonjour all Rosendale families.

I will be posting ‘lessons’ for you to enjoy three times a week while our school is closed.

Please feel free to practise your French using our wonderful website

The user name and password are known to all your children but unfortunately we are not able to post them anywhere online.

Bon courage a tous and thank you all for your support.

Stay safe,

Madame Paridjanian