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Bonjour la classe!

Today we will practise saying ten party foods and then saying how we feel about them..

J’ADORE – I love

J’AIME – I like

JE N’AIME PAS- I don’t like


Please visit

And go to the Party Foods section in the Beginner section.

I’ve made you two videos to demonstrate what to do.

Have fun and bon weekend!

Maybe you are lucky enough to have a garden. Here is a story about the Barbapapa Garden. Enjoy!

Why not check out the Barbapapa website? There are games and activities and you can find out about all the Barbababies….

Also, Rémy in 1LF kindly sent me a photo he took of his Barbababies. J’adore- merci Rémy.

Could you make some in your home with plasticine or by painting some stones? If you’d like, you could email a picture of them to

À demain les enfants…

Verbs are ‘doing words’ or actions.

Today I am going to ask you to listen carefully for all the verbs in my video and then to join in a French disco!

Listen out for-

SAUTER- jump (like sautéed potatoes)


BAISSER- get down low

LEVER – get up

DANSER- dance!!

Bonjour la classe.

Please watch the videos, play the games on linguascope with your family then please have a go making a rainbow for your window in French or add French words to one you already have on display.

Have fun and see you next week for some more from Barbapapa!

Bonjour la classe!

Sit back and enjoy this story about Barbidou (he is the Barbababy who loves animals and nature as it is Earth Day today).

Listen out for words you recognise…

Here is a teacher I know called Nathalie teaching some phrases to you. Please have a go…

Bon courage!

Bonjour la classe!

Hope you all had a lovely Easter break.

Today I want to teach you some prepositions in French. These are little words that tell us the position of things (where they are).

Here are a few you can listen out for in my video –

SUR- on

À CÔTÉ DE- next to

DERRIÈRE – behind

DEVANT- in front of

DEDANS- inside

Maybe as a challenge at home you could make up some sentences using prepositions. Or maybe a picture labelled in French?

Please watch my video a few times and each time you hear a preposition you could make up an action or just do a silly wave like we do in class.

Enjoy the sunshine and have a great day!

Can you say this rhyme?

Can you teach someone in your home to say it with you?

If so, please post a video on Seesaw…

Bonjour les enfants.

Mo la tortue adore manger les dents-de-lions (lion’s teeth)

Mo the tortoise loves eating dandelions.

Dandelions are flowers that look a bit like lion’s teeth.

Here is a film of him enjoying his favourite flower in our garden.

Poisson d’avril! On 1st of April in France, people play tricks on each other by sticking a paper fish on each other’s backs.

Today we are going to practise counting up to 20. Repeat, rally robin, sing.