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Bonjour la classe,

Beautiful weather for a picnic today. I hope you don’t have a problem like the Barbapapa family…

Enjoy the story, have a wonderful half-term and see you in June.

Bonjour la classe.

This song will help you say the parts of your body in French..

Also, I’d like you to sing this song (French version of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes) with actions and as usual, try to teach it to someone at home.

Here are the words written out in case you’d like to do a picture…

Tête, épaules, genoux, pieds,

Genoux, pieds

Tête, épaules, genoux, pieds,

Genoux, pieds

Les yeux, oreilles et bouche et nez,

Tête, épaules, genoux, pieds,

Genoux, pieds.

Bonjour la classe!

Please go to to practise saying the sports in French.

Can you teach them to someone in your home?

Can you make a video saying which you love and hate? Eg. J’adore la gymnastique mais je déteste le judo.

Have fun playing all the games online and I’ll see you tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy this story about the Barbababies trying to help bake a birthday for Barbapapa.

Have a lovely day and see you next week.

A big thank you MERCI to the children sending their work into parent It is wonderful!

Bonjour la classe!

Can you say or write four sentences for me with your opinions of four different animals?

For example

J’adore les tortues

I love tortoises

J’aime les chats et les chiens

I like cats and dogs

Je n’aime pas les serpents

I don’t like snakes

Je déteste les souris!

I hate mice!

Or maybe you’d like to draw some animals and write what they are called in French.

Here are some videos to help you…

Révision pour vous..

1 un

2 deux

3 trois

4 quatre

5 cinq

6 six

7 sept

8 huit

9 neuf

10 dix

11 onze

12 douze

13 treize

14 quatorze

15 quinze

16 seize

17 dix-sept

18 dix-huit

19 dix-neuf

20 vingt

In France, children often have a snack around 4pm called le Goûter.

A popular snack is the tartine au chocolat (chocolate sandwich). I’d like you to try to make one today if you have the ingredients.


Du pain (baguette si possible)

Bread (baguette if possible)

Du chocolat (selon ton goût)

Pieces of chocolate (your favourite type)


Mettre chocolat dans le pain

Put the chocolate inside the bread

Bon appétit!


Bonjour all…

Can you say this rhyme and then teach someone at home?

My video should help! (It’s a bit like Incy Wincy Spider).

Monte, monte, petite araignée,

Tout d’un coup la pluie est tombée.

Puis le soleil apparaît et

La petite araignée disparaît!

(Climb, climb, little spider

It’s raining!

Then the sun appears

And little spider disappears!)

Bon courage!

Bonjour les enfants!

In France on 1st May, a beautiful flower called lily of the valley (le muguet) is offered as a token of good luck and happiness.

Mo the tortoise discovered some growing in my garden as you will see..

I’d like you to try to draw this flower at home. The tiny flowers look like little bells and smell delicious.

Challenge: can you understand the words in this message about le muguet and the 1st of May?

Happy May everyone.