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Monthly Archives: July 2020

Bonjour la classe!

Je vous souhaite tous de très belles vacances. Happy holidays!

Here is our last Barbapapa story of the year; La Mer (the sea).


Are you going to see the sea this summer? Whatever you do I hope you have a wonderful time. Stay safe and thanks for all your amazing French learning.

From September I will be teaching year 1 but I hope we will all learn some French together again soon.

Au revoir la classe!


Bonjour la classe!

Qu’est-ce que tu vas faire pendant les vacances?

What are you going to do during the holidays?

Today we’re going to learn how to say ten different hobbies.

Je vais aller à la piscine et écouter de la musique. Et toi?

Bonne journée xx

What is so special about today in France?

This video will explain what all the fireworks are about…

Bonne journée!

Bonjour la classe!

I hope you enjoy this story about getting your hair cut. Lots of us have not had our hair cut for a very long time. I hope your next haircut goes better than Barbouille’s!

Merci encore à Rémi (1LF) pour son beau livre.

Bon week-end à vous xx

Bonjour la classe!

Tu joues un instrument?

Today we are learning the names of ten musical instruments in French.

Lots of them are very similar to English names. I’m sure you’ll learn them very quickly.

Have fun playing the games on linguascope and maybe test yourself at the end.

Bonjour la classe!

I hope you enjoy singing along to this popular Rosendale favourite.

Bonne journée!

Encore un grand merci à Rémi 1LF pour le prêt de son beau livre Barbapapa.

I hope you enjoy this story about Barbotine publishing and creating her first book. I learned a lot about old printing techniques.

Merci Rémi!

Bon week-end à vous tous xxx

Bonjour la classe!

Lots of you are already fans of this French pop group made up of children.

Accueil – Kids United

Today we are going to learn about them from their website (above) then have a go singing L’enfant et l’oiseau.

This is an old song by Marie Myriam which the kids copied. I’ll share their official video and then a karaoke version for you to try singing along to at home.

I hope you enjoy the song!